June 16, 2024


  1. These people have been there for us through wars, famine, fires and now the pandemic, they have given them our all and this is how they are rewarded. To the people of the world, don’t let them down, they were there for you now it’s your turn
    wether you agree with the jab or not support these people, please.

    1. When Boris was in hospital with Covid there was no vaccine. He did not tell the staff to go home they may die he was glad that they were there. Now he is forcing them to take a trial vaccine. All the nurses should have stayed home until they had a vaccine them.

    2. Wars were propagated by the same mob that are pushing this. Following like sheep, we went to shoot and bomb people like us in other countries.

    3. The government does not care, it’s being paid off. The more injured the better but the main aim is death. They must eradicate at least 80% of the world population. The only solution for Australia is take out the government and give the country to the people.

  2. Good Work. We absolutely need more to WAKE UP and STAND UP for OUR Rights.
    This Lady and her supporters and others who have decided “Enough IS Enough” need to be recognised as HEROS just as we did with the Fire Fighters through the last horrific Bush Fire season.
    Thank You SO MUCH.

  3. What a brave and gutsy lady, penalised for simply speaking the truth and wanting to help sick folk. I know where she’s coming from – I was persecuted by mainstream psychiatry and the police – for speaking the truth about the forced drugging (with toxic drugs) of folk labelled as ‘mentally ill’ (who are, in my long experience, often anything but). The same game is at work with this Covid mandate: drug companies profiteering from forcibly making people sick – and spreading lies (with Govt and media aid) about the need for ‘treatment’ – when all along safer, more humane, non-coercive alternatives were/are available. It’s shameful, bordering on evil. And shame on the media for not telling the truth but instead now being a mouthpiece for Govt and drug company propaganda. Truth will out, but sadly, many more will die from the vax, or from suicide in the process.

    1. Maureen, thank you for speaking out when so many in your profession are happy to sit on their hands that are stuck in their comfortable wallets and watch the world that gave them such privilege be destroyed before their very eyes. Do doctors not see that if they don’t speak up now, their life of luxury will soon be coming to an end? Not directed at you, but your silent colleagues.

          1. We tend to agree. If people don’t have the courage to put their name to a comment, we won’t be taking them too seriously.

          2. You can go to the false Dr’s website & she plainly has a disclaimer at the end saying she is not a doctor of any medicine or psychology but deceitfully makes herself out to be in her title.

        1. How the devil would you know? If you make a wild statement like that, (1) back it up with some facts, and (2) don’t hide behind an “anonymous” name!

        2. Not good enough for you??
          Qualifications & Experience
          25 years experience in ‘mental health’ research, therapeutic practice, teaching, publishing, training & course facilitation
          PhD [University of Adelaide] Field of study: Jungian Psychology & Romanticism
          Convener: Pioneering Australian Conference on Drug-free Care for Schizophrenia
          Guest ‘Mental Health’ Lecturer: University of South Australia
          Design & Teaching of Courses for The University of Adelaide
          PhD Thesis Examiner [Depth Psychology field]: University of Western Sydney
          Winner: Sir Archibald Strong Memorial Prize for Literature [1983]
          Guest Speaker: C. G. Jung Society of South Australia Inc.
          Bachelor of Science and BA (Honours) First Class, University of Adelaide

      1. The worst part of this Maureen, is the FACT that the fact checkers employed by Zuckerberg have stated for facebook that it contains false information. So called effectiveness of ivermectin in India. That was all they could pick. This doesn’t seem to be the objective of the exercise, looks like our once free country is now COMMUNIST, we are censored.

      2. Basically, I was a lone wolf with no colleagues. As a therapist, I worked to demedicalise the normal life problems being drugged and labelled as ‘illnesses’. For the person mentioning ‘not a real doctor’, training in my field of soul-centred psychiatry is even more demanding than medical school and those of us with a PhD are legally ‘doctors’.

    2. true indeed, the world elite mafia wants to push the complete world population, after murdering billions of them in a genocide, into a totalitarian communist dictatorship with only one government to control and enslave the people that survive. As a Belgian, living in the Philippines i am shocked to see and read how far that situation has already evolved in Australia and New Zealand. Stand up people and do NEVER accept this madness, which is 1000 times more worse than the holocaust, created by Hitler and dr. Mengele.

    3. How long will it take for supporters of Covid vaccine to look at basic facts and realize how wrong they are?
      Never before has any drug been available for public use after such a short period period of it’s manufacture. Why? Because manufacturers wanted to be sure it was safe for use in the long and short term.
      Never before has any drug available for human consumption caused the death or serious illness to so many.
      Never before have people who suffer from an illness but have it under control because of treatment, had that illness flare up again after covid vaccination and died, frequently within weeks.
      Never before have doctors been threatened with de-registration if they are not supportive of covid vaccination.
      Never before have people who died or became very ill after covid vaccination had their cause of death listed as some thing else?
      How many of the people who died after covid vaccination have had an autopsy to prove what they died from?
      These are just a few of the questions which spring to mind re: covid vaccination

  4. Throughout our history, conflicts have occurred in the name of “freedom”, “Democracy”, “weapons of mass destruction”, or some other such rhubarb in order to – almost without exception – destroy & invade other nations. Particularly those with significant hydrocarbon deposits (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Sudan etc), or those with significant mineral deposits or crops like opium or their derivatives (Afghanistan -opium/heroin, Columbian – cocaine, Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos – opium/heroin). This involves discrediting the government, destroying the economy, destroying the infrastructure, destroying jobs, food and industrial production, and leaving the people hungry, destitute and desperate. At this point, is when the world bank moves in with promises of money, food, support and rebuilding anew. Once the desperate people accept “help” from those that financed the war and destruction in the first place, they are hooked and the new privately owned central bank can call the shots. There are only three nations in the world that don’t have these globalist banks and they are Cuba, North Korea, & Syria. Perhaps Putin also removed them from Russia once their load was paid off. This is NOT (as you know now) conspiracy theory, but is fast becoming your daily lives if you don’t stop it.

    Australians are instinctively not fans of banks and they are right to be so.

    To quote Gutle Schnapper Rothschild:
    “If my sons did not want war, there would be none”
    Her 5 sons were bankers that established a global banking empire.

    Those same globalists bankers and corporations are taking these paradigms to the next level were they break economies, put the whole world in fear and kill a heap of people in the process, and then when we are broken – the same as before – they offer us jobs, food and shelter, but in doing so, completely enslave us and every generation after with their transhumanist agenda where they can shut off our finances restrict or stop our travel, stop us or our family members from getting jobs, opportunities or whatever, in much the same way as the Chinese government does now but MUCH WORSE. China can no longer be ignored and as these globalists break nations to “reform borders”, they will adopt the kind of social credit mechanisms you have seen in China and worse as China will not be enhancing your freedoms but rather your freedoms will be a distant memory and no longer a reality for your children and grandchildren.

    Don’t believe me? Read this book where they CLEARLY do the big sell on their long awaited global takeover. I refer to it as the Globocommunist Manifesto

    Anyway, they are trying to break you just not with bombs but with fear.
    Stop fearing them as that gives them more power. Prepare Class actions, legal challenges, injunctions, visit your State Govenor or the Govenor General, The PM and State Premiers en masse, and STOP this BS!

    I am thankful the wonderful nurses are out there doing their best. Please have the nurses, teachers, and police unions, bring this all to a grinding halt.
    This is clearly NOT a vaccine many would want, yet Australians are having coercion used on them (which is illegal) to be forced into a medical proceedure they don’t want in stark violation of the Nuremburg Code.

    If the government won’t stop this crime against humanity and the Australian people, and appalling abuse of power, then the government needs to be dissolved. Perhaps the military needs to have a hand in removing them if need be.

    Australia has been hijacked from being a liberal democracy to that of a Communist Police State by stealth and now brazenly so.

    It is time people. We don’t need their stinking Great Reset, we need the Great Awakening of Humanity.

    No fear. No violence. No more lies.
    It is time for full disclosure of all this is those behind it (ALL of them!)

    From my heart,


      1. My suggestion is that you write to your State & Federal Attorney General,
        State in polite but passionate terms, that you are shocked, displeased, appalled or whatever it is your feel about the current state of things. You may also cite concerns for your children/grandchildren & all that come after as it is our generation that are being bullied into forfeiting not only our country but the freedoms of our nation and those citizens of the future. I am not being at all dramatic but quite factual.
        As i said, whilst not sexy, the book i mentioned makes 1984 look like an amateur fairytale. I was bloody shocked like I have NEVER been, so please read it. This is the greatest power grab since the 1930s (and well dwarfs it) & that fellow too was railing against the globalist bankers too…
        Please WRITE to and meet with your State Governor and/or the Governor General.

        You might also write to your State Premier and the PM.

        You don’t have to write a separate letter for each, just one good one. I have provided a brief first draft below. Keep it polite, but speak your heart also.

        DO NOT be cynical & say nothing will come of it because that is not true. I was actually one of the people working in these offices and witnessed first-hand changes to legislation and actions in the Parliament. It CAN work if enough of you stand up, make an effort, and don’t quit.

        You have not been issued a rifle and a uniform but this is a battle. If you don’t fight now, the restrictions you have now will be far worse for your children and the Australia we all grew up with will be lost.

        In this book, they said that this pandemic (plandemic) was “an opportunity to reshape borders” – ie, Australia just get absorbed into Oceania or Asia – the Chinese would LOVE to absorb Australia and its resources! The Chinese have the money, population, political clout, and intelligence to swallow Australia like a mere snack and the globalists among time cannot wait. Read the book people.

        I also advise you to take your letter to the Governor. The Govenor’s role is that of “The Representative for the Head of State” which is Queen Elizabeth II at the moment, however just moments ago I saw on FB that Lizzie may have taken a turn for the worse. When she departs, it will fall to Charles and he will be Australia’s Head of State. As happened in the 1970’s when the Whitlam government was dissolved, the Head of State may dissolve the government. It is a rare and drastic action, but if ever there was a good reason to dissolve the government, this would be it.

        For matter political or the police, or any other gripes you may have, if they are at all political, the Governor or Governor General will refer you to the government. If you State you have lost faith in the government and want the Head of State to act, to my lay way of thinking, they should be obliged to at least consider that. If many of your do it, the case strengthens and you stand a reasonable chance of getting some action.

        Please research a little and make sure you act!

        Here is a rough example:
        I would like to express my gravest concerns at the actions of both the Australian Federal Government, State Governments, and companies around Australia with the use of coercion and near FORCED with reference to experimental vaccines (provisionally approved” of some other such malarkey) and the loss of jobs, livelyhoods, any modicum of a “fair go”, our freedoms to move, gather, speak openly about our opinions on the aforementioned medical issues, and general demise of our Democracy and discarding of the Australian Constitution. Furthermore, the abuse of power the Australian people have given to the aforementioned Constitution, government officials, police and others, that is being flagrantly abused like never before in the nation’s history. The only comparison I can draw upon is that of Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

        The use of coercion by companies and the government in relation to the alleged “vaccine” is a stark violation of the ominously named Nuremburg Code https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_Code
        For our nation or any Australia entity to venture anywhere near what effectively is a war crime, was until recently, unthinkable, yet hear we are!

        Most Sincerely,

        Your Name

        Other things you could do is lobby your unions to commence industrial action. They may not be interested as they want a globocommunist transhumanist state, but you could try.

        Transhumanism is the idea of incorporating chips, electronics, or other augmentations into the body.
        I saw one this morning about computer chips in our brains to make us “super smart”. Don’t buy it – it is a lie. Imagine the mother of all headaches they could induce at the flick of a switch! Nothing in your bodies people. Don’t let them touch you! Damage enough has been done as our nurses are saying stay away from any transhumanist BS. A.I. is a danger too but that is another conversation.

        When reading COVID-19 The Great Reset, I found that the vernacular and concepts used in the book, the ideas about risk and risk management were exactly the same as induction training I underwent in a large international investment bank I was working in earlier this year.
        These banks are the ones that control the Reserve Bank of Australia and nearly every central bank, globally. It is the banks and other vested interests that are driving this plandemic to concentrate power in the hands of the very few and enslave the rest of us.

        Anyway, I just thought I would toss that last one in…but exactly the same vernacular, concepts, and thinking as the bank induction on risk management and the interrelationships of risks etc as in this book.

        Oh, I just copied this from the amazon.com website on one of the authors of the book:

        About Thierry Malleret
        Thierry is the co-founder and main author of the Monthly Barometer, a succinct predictive analysis exclusively provided to private investors and some of today’s most influential opinion and decision-makers. He was until 2011 a senior partner at IJ (Informed Judgement) Partners, an investment boutique for ultra-high-net-worth individuals based in Geneva, and prior to that managing partner at Rainbow Insight, an advisory boutique which he founded, providing tailor-made intelligence to investors. Previously, Thierry founded and headed the Global Risk Network at the World Economic Forum, a network that brings together top opinion and policymakers, CEOs and academics to look at how global issues will affect business and society in the short and long term. For a number of years in succession, Thierry conceived and put in place the programme for Davos and spoke at global, industry and regional events. His other professional experience includes: investment banking (as a Chief Economist and Strategist of a major Russian investment bank and as an Economist at the EBRD in London), think tanks and academia (both in New York and Oxford) and government (with a three-year spell in the Prime Minister’s office in Paris).

        Thierry has written several business and academic books, and has published four novels (two of which under a pen-name). In addition, he is a public speaker with some of the world’s leading agencies. He also sits on several advisory boards.

        He was educated at the Sorbonne and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and at St. Antony’s College, Oxford. He holds two MAs (in Economics and History) and a PhD in Economics.

        With his English wife Thierry has four daughters.

        1. there are some errors that amount to misstating what nurses are saying.
          What i have intended to say is:

          Damage enough has been done as our nurses are saying. Stay away from any transhumanist BS.

          A single full-stop and a capital was missing and it changed the entire sentence, Sorry 🙁

        2. Mark, great though this is, this is quite an epic volume of information for a comment on a post. We might move this and make it a new article if you don’t mind?

          1. Whatever suits is fine.
            My objective was to fill people in on what is happening, by who, & how to combat it.

    1. You have my attention! Totally agree with your thoughts. Our Countries Moral Compass is totally misaligned!

    2. Perfect Mark, but how will we shop run our cars get another job without the jab. I 1000% don’t want IT but need to travel to NT, SA and NZ all for family. SO BACKED INTO A CORNER. LUCKY I HAVE been taking tons of the right vitamins and have Ivermectin, Doxycycline and ZEOLITE if I have to take this poison. It’s SO STRESSFUL! Mandate looming Dec1st.

      1. Madam, you just don’t. I am out as of 26. Think smarter. Mortgage. Ask for deferral saying you have lost your job because of covid. Apply for one of their IMF funded payouts. Stop driving around? They are going to cease your property. It has happened before in Eastern Europe they are setting it up. Go to supermarket stand in Isle and eat. What are they going to do? Call the police take you to station, charge you and let you go. You have no job. If you are dying AND trying to navigate this it will be harder than having healthy body and mind.

  5. Shared this with a vaccinated friend. He said “when was this video recorded?” I said it had to be recent because of the SA health workers mandates are for November 1st & 8th. He said “she isn’t speaking the truth about the 38 Covid patients in Flinders in ICU. 30 of which are double vaccinated. Look at the Covid case data for SA. There’s no new cases, no active cases, no patients in hospital or ICU.” He has a point, help me out here?

    1. Given the level of corruption and deception we see all around us from the government, would you rather trust the word of a frontline nurse, or a hospital that is beholden to the government for funding and licensing of their doctors? Each to their own, but we’ll stick with the nurse.

        1. The globalist banks fund big pharma, wars, whatever.
          They don’t care about anything except money and power & it has been like this for a few hundred years but they have it down to something of an art now.

    2. I interpreted that she was referring to patients in general in ICU, where at a particular time there were 30 vaccinated patients suffering from adverse reactions like myocarditis and 8 unvaccinated suffering from other non-covid related conditions…making the point that the vast majority of our health services ICU/Ambos are from vaccine injures currently

      1. I agree, that’s how I understood it. They were not COVID patients just those in ICU ATM. 30 being injured from the jab.

    3. she is a mental health nurse and not a pharmacist or a scientist. she doesn’t have to wear full PPE caring for her patients every day.
      where did she get her information?. All this protesting is offensive for the families of those who have died from COVID and did not have the opportunity to be vaccinated. she and her fellow protesters are scare mongers.

      1. The scaremongers are the media. You are focussing your grief on the wrong parties. The media is fooling you, our loved ones, friends, family, colleagues etc. The nurses are trying to tell you the truth.

    4. The nurse that was speaking on the video, didn’t say there were Covid patients in SA, she didn’t say, that there are any new cases, and she didn’t say, that there are patients in hospital or ICU with Covid
      She said 30 out of 38 patients in Flinder’s ICU are Vaccinated. What is she telling us? They are (Vaccine injured people) reactions to the vaccine.
      The Covid case Data has got nothing to do with what the nurse was saying. I think your friend needs to watch and listen to the video carefully before making any comments.

    5. It’s true, South Australia has no active Covid cases. It’s probable that 30 out of 38 patients in ICU (somewhere in SA) are double vaxed. When 80% of the general population over 16 is double vaxed trhen we should also expect 80% of ICU patients to be double vaxed. Being vaccinated against Covid will not protect against motor vehicle accidents.

      1. You don’t have a clue, Fear Mongering “Harm” I live in the Communist State of Victoria!

  6. The websites media player is terrible, please post the vid on Bitchute where it can be surely trending- great video btw and amazing nurses for standing up, we love you and your fighting for what’s right and proud of you

    1. Sorry, the video is a large file and may be a bit slow. We don’t believe any of the main video or social platforms (even the underground ones) will allow conservative posts much longer. So rather than lose all content and have to start again – which we’ve experienced before – we’re loading it all up here on this website where we control it, without constant threats and “fact-checkers” slapping warning labels on everything. Thanks for the encouraging words too.

  7. I think it’s best to attack the problem at the root though, the Big Lie that there is a virus in the first place.

    My case for no virus.

    In summary:

    1. Suspicion of “novel” virus, unscientific: “cluster” of 44 cases of pneumonia of “unknown etiology” makes no sense – 44 cases not a cluster, pneumonia has many causes.

    2. Determination of “novel” virus by taking samples from only ONE of those patients unscientific.

    3. Alleged isolation of virus proven not be done.

    4. PCR test not a diagnostic test.

    5. No scientific work proving sars-cov-2 or any other pathogen causes the alleged covid which does not have a distinctive set of symptoms.

    There is nothing, nada, niente to say that any illness designated covid is not another illness.

    More detail:

    1. Hi Petra. Welcome to the conversation! Great points. We were of the view that C19 was a total hoax also. I’m not convinced it’s not, however, I have seen some very good videos from non globalist doctors who say it does exist, albeit in a very watered down and non life threatening form. The round table discussion of 8 prominent doctors is a great place to do a deep dive into this. Link below to the transcript (the video of course has long been banned from every platform!). Experts don’t come much more highly qualified than this. https://myvalleynews.com/blog/2021/10/22/covid-roundtable-exchange-between-prominent-doctors-scientists/

    2. Petra, I have had COVID-19 twice.
      It was not fun. The first time was at the end of December 2019 and it took me about 5 months or more to shake it, and then i seemed to get it again but thankfully not nearly so bad and I shook it in 2 or 3 months.

      It was like someone (sorry to be graphic) filled my chest with yellow silliastic and i could not get rid of it. For about 5 months it went on.
      I also had chest pain which was a bit scary, and although i never get headaches, i started getting filthy migranes that would threaten to return. I also had a strange skin rash all over for about a fortnight.

      It acted like something similar to a nasty flu and pneumonia – but with the chest pain and wicked coughing etc.
      I was in pretty good condition so i survived. Not sure what damage my organs sustained, but I am still here.

      Basically i believe it to be a biological weapon designed to reduce the global population as the globalists have stated they want to.

      Don’t believe me. See for yourself. It does make sense, but not with a bioweapon. A biological weapon is the cheap way to do it and amid the chaos, gather the wealth.

  8. Thank you for this video. I too need to make the decision now to lose my job or get the jab. If I don’t get the jab, my young family and I will be homeless. I lose the house, car, income and everything else that requires money to sustain it. If I get the jab I face enabling the government, possible reoccurance of an illness I don’t want back, risking my children’s future in a world where their rights are no longer adhered to. All for a vaccine that doesn’t work anyway.

    1. Tink – it doesn’t have to be that way. This is exactly how they want you to feel. Hopeless, powerless and pliable. The antidote is to get up and fight!
      1. Don’t quit your job. Bury them in paperwork, appeals and loopholes. Send them a letter asking if they will accept fully responsibility (they never will) for your medical bills in the event something goes wrong. But get it in writing. Get everything in writing.
      2. Look at the Know Your Rights group website (https://www.knowyourrightsgroup.com.au/). They have letters and strategies to help.
      3. Look at Advocate Me (https://www.advocateme.com.au/covid-class-action) and join their National Class Action against employers. Use their own laws against them by dragging things out forever in the courts… until we win and lock them all up. Which we will!
      Keep your chin up and get in the fight!

      1. And what do you do in the meantime for money after they lay you off
        That’s the reality
        They the hospitals are just laying us off
        All this noise is too late for most

        1. We have been screaming that this was coming for over 18 months. Little by little, here we are. What they want most of all right now is for you to just give up. If they lay you off, claim all the government COVID support payments you can, there’s plenty of them going round. And then find a job with private employers who will not discriminate. There’s plenty of them also.

        2. Tain, please see my posts above about what you can do.
          Go for it. be polite but go and meet with these people, the Governor, your State Attorney General etc or at least email them as suggested.

          1. Unless of course you live in QLD. Their Chief Health Officer (Jeanette Young – I will refrain from calling her a “doctor”) was just appointed Governor of Queensland last week! No doubt, a reward for doing her part in the Plandemic. The “new” CHO quit just a few days before taking up the position, for “personal reasons”. We think he may be the only person employed by Queensland Health who still has ethics and a conscience. The timing is too coincidental to be ignored.

  9. she is a mental health nurse and not a pharmacist or a scientist. she doesn’t have to wear full PPE caring for her patients every day.
    where did she get her information?. All this protesting is offensive for the families of those who have died from COVID and did not have the opportunity to be vaccinated. she and her fellow protesters are scare mongers.

    1. I agree 100% Olive
      most of the people declaring Covid to be fake, or saying its nothing more than government control ect ect have NOT had personal experience with watching a loved one die a horrible death from covid or seen the lasting disabilities from long covid, all i can say is I sincerely wish they were right and its all rubbish and its just the flu and our immune systems will just cope with it,,, what I don’t understand is people not grasping the concept of what a worldwide pandemic entails and the consequences of it, so does this all mean the ” Spanish flu” was fake as well ? and it was introduced into the communities worldwide to exert control over the population of the world?????

      1. The “Spanish” flu fatality rate was 3%. Covid19 is 0.3% at most. The average age with covid19 death is 83, unlike Spanish flu which killed young healthy people. Also you realise the Spanish flu mutated and killed people most where it hadn’t already been in it’s more benign state right? Ie Australia.

        The death tolls in Sweden, UK and USA in 2020 rose to mid-late 00s levels with covid19. 2008 to be precise in UK where late stage lockdowns were completely ineffective and case rates and deaths mimicked Sweden exactly. I know for a fact UK deaths rose from 9.4/1000 to 10.4/1000 last year – not good but very probably inclusive of deaths of despair and anxiety (heart conditions kill every 2nd person here). Those figures however are still nowhere near so high as in the 90s which was up at a 13/1000 yearly death toll.

        You’ve freaked out over a little cold, that WILL be endemic no matter what you do. Taking a vaccine that has no lasting immunity, might slow it but if signs that the vax is killing people are true (highly likely from my research), where there is risk there must be choice. I know my risk of death from covid19 as a healthy under 40yr old. The fatality rate in my group is 0.00000125%. . I have more chance of dying from aids than covid19. I will take that risk over vaccine complication risk everyday of my long healthy life.

      1. It’s a bit hard to see what you’re referring to (when in the admin panel). Can you post links to each item in a new comment and we will review.

    1. Not sure which comment you are referring to. Post it again and we’ll take a look. If it’s abusive etc, it will be blocked. Be respectful and put up an intelligent argument and it will be published.

  10. It’s all about money politicians want to control people giving them fear with this pandemic virus just to be vaccinated and they don’t know that the vaccine is actually the virus I lost my brother from vaccination..Stores are open only for vaccinated people clubs and so on the economy will go down the country instead improving will be destroyed we live in a different war zone and no one paying any attention..We need to wake up save our homes family health our freedom.. I’m not into politics I just speak from life and what I see around me .. people die getting sick and blaming the Unvaccinated and all because the vaccine (s) so many in just three months

    1. It’s different for each state. In QLD there are no such restrictions. And if they tried the NSW style apartheid there, they would get a rude awakening.

  11. The nurse that was speaking on the video, didn’t say there were Covid patients in SA, she didn’t say, that there are any new cases, and she didn’t say, that there are patients in hospital or ICU with Covid
    She said 30 out of 38 patients in Flinder’s ICU are Vaccinated. What is she telling us? They are (Vaccine injured people) reactions to the vaccine.
    The Covid case Data has got nothing to do with what the nurse was saying. I think your friend needs to watch and listen to the video carefully before making any comments.

  12. Judging by the almost exact same comments, my guess is that ” Anne” and “Olive” would be the one and the same person….obviously against the real truth and blinded and brainwashed by the MSM. As a former investigative journo, I have spent a great deal of my time over the last 12 months researching this Covid and “Vaccine” situation, and I believe that the real truth and the facts are slowly but surely becoming clear to most folk…but unfortunately, too late for the majority of people who have already submitted to the ‘jab’. Interestingly enough, I noted in a talk by Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientist and CEO of Pfizer, that some of the many side-effects of this so-called vaccine, are, and I quote (paraphrased):
    “…One of the effects is brain damage, making people unable to reason or process information….and unable to pass on information. A key characteristic is making people incapable of logical reasoning….”
    Upon hearing this, I made a point of studying when and where I could those folk whom I knew before and after the ‘vaccine’, and, to my surprise, I have found this to be quite true! Interestingly enough, it is common among those who have been “vaxxed” to completely change their way of thinking…whereas beforehand they may have been against the ‘jab’ but afterwards, their thinking becomes the complete opposite, many actually promoting the “vaccine” and rather worryingly perhaps, may actually turn against their former friends and also family!
    A matter of some concern about the ‘jab’ is something that receives little or no mention at all, is the serious likelihood of “shedding” or transferring the spike protein in the “vaccine” from the newly vaxxed to those un-vaccinated with whom they come into (close?) contact with. This may or may not be a serious problem, but at the present time is something which I would certainly like to see resolved.
    I am so pleased and grateful to have discovered this video – please do continue with your good work!

    1. Good comment Rickytee. Shedding is indeed a concern and one worth investigating. Especially for those who have opted out. Those who are already vaxed have the juice, so no extra harm there. But the clean skins. How can they stay clean if say their spouse is vaxed and they are not? More studies around this will come out in due course, hopefully it will not be too late. For this reason alone, it may be wise to consider using the two popular alternative medications.

      1. I think the media would turn from adversaries to allies if we somehow communicated to them that their kids are in danger.
        Just a thought.

  13. It’s true, South Australia has no active Covid cases. It’s probable that 30 out of 38 patients in ICU (somewhere in SA) are double vaxed. When 80% of the general population over 16 is double vaxed trhen we should also expect 80% of ICU patients to be double vaxed. Being vaccinated against Covid will not protect against motor vehicle accidents.

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