April 23, 2024


We will be publishing a range of resources on this page that will be useful for all freedom fighters, such as;

  • Lots of links to federal and global laws and treaties that will help protect you against tyranny
  • Useful videos and links to evidence that there is no pandemic
  • Precedent law links to help you out of any fines and legal issues etc…

Things we must do right now.

  • Opt out of the Australian Immunisation register (AIR) – Use this form to opt-out of AIR of giving your vaccination status to third parties, including to those designing the Vaccine Passports. Remember to check the box (or both if you have kids in your care) that says; “I do not want AIR to share my information with third parties such as vaccination providers” 
  • Cancel your MyHealth Record. Every Australian citizen has one (thanks Big Brother!). However, legislation titled MyHealth Records Privacy Act 2012 now allows you to permanently delete your record (allegedly!).