June 16, 2024


We are planning to overhaul the whole corrupt system

It sounds like an impossible dream, but with your help and support, we will do it. Here’s a few of the things we’ve got planned. 

Class Action

  • NOTE: Our GoFundMe fundraiser CLASS ACTION TO END COVID ABUSE was deleted without notice on August 9, 2021. It’s here now.
  • This fundraiser was to raise funds for a class action that stated a simple truth; that there is no pandemic. We were about to prove this beyond reasonable doubt in the High Court of Australia when GoFundMe pulled the plug and refunded all donations. The Cabal is very good at what they do, I’ll give them that. They are very good! But we are not beaten. Let’s see them shut this website down. Even if they do order the hosting company to delete our site, we have full back-ups and the internal know-how and resources to re-launch it immediately on our own private servers. 

The Easy Stuff

  • Wall of Shame – The Cabal is building lists of dissidents to ban from Social Media and BigTech platforms. This is pure communism 101 and they’re not even trying to disguise it anymore. So gullible and completely brainwashed are the herd that they can bark their communist orders out loud now without fear of the toothless Human Rights Commission daring to challenge them. So we in kind are building a list to name and shame individuals & businesses who are complicit in the biggest scam the world has ever known. The list will name and shame the following;
    • For individuals – cowardly Australians who dob-in their countrymen for exercising their Human Rights to participate in peaceful protests etc
    • For businesses – who refuse entry for not checking-in and not wearing a mask. Neither demand is legal. We serve notice and if they still refuse, we’ll sue them 
  • White Knights – Provide a list of sites, groups and key people to follow in regard to freedom marches & rallies
  • Truth Stickers – Printing a range of stickers that promote logic and facts over fear whipped up by the Cabal. These will be posted in public places far and wide in an attempt to wake up the sheep
  • T-Shirts/ Merchandise – as above. To wear in public and provoke the conversations that have to happen

The Bigger Stuff

These might take a while, but are absolutely necessary to returning to common sense. We are proposing a new way to run the country. The Peoples Administration – is the working title. Learn more about the initial concept on this blog post. And in more detail over on the TPA page.