June 16, 2024

COVID Class Action


As you may know, the global corporation GoFundMe, took it upon themselves to delete our fundraiser, at the time called “Class Action to End COVID Abuse” – on August 9th, 2021. This was done without notice and all donations were refunded without our permission. The first we knew about it was when all the emails hit our inbox advising of the refund. This is an outrageous act you would expect to see only from a totalitarian dictatorship, not Australia. We should all be outraged.

While I’m sure their terms of service would protect them legally and give them the right to refuse campaigns that are fraudulent, dangerous or criminal in nature.  Our campaign goal was ironically, to prove exactly that; that the globalist lies about a fake pandemic that our governments have been forcing upon us, are indeed fraudulent, dangerous and criminal. This is why they shut us down. One side had to go down, us or them. They’ve won this round, but with your support, we will win the war!

The most insulting part is that hundreds of people donated to this campaign in good faith because they supported our stance. This obviously scared the hell out of the criminal elites who couldn’t risk it gaining too much traction, which it was. So either GoFundMe were ordered to remove it, or they did it on their own in an effort to deflect any heat from the elites and prove they’re “good global citizens” in the New World Order. Either way, it was a cowardly and despicable act by a terrified organisation. Go to our Wall of Shame page to let the CEO of GoFundMe know how you feel about their totalitarian act.


COVID Class Action

There is no Pandemic. Therefore we are NOT in a State of Emergency.

We will prove this beyond reasonable doubt in the High Court of Australia. Once we do, the game is up and their whole scheme comes tumbling down. All governments who have enforced and perpetuated the lie have committed treason. They will be dismissed – not voted out. Then we will begin trials of the main offenders from the top down, starting with; The Prime Minister, all State Premiers & CHO’s, then the medical boards and regulatory bodies (TGA, AHPRA etc) and finally, the police. All involved, from the leaders right down to the marketing assistants who aided and abetted these crimes by posting the daily updates & dictates. All will be charged with treason and/or crimes against humanity.

It’s time to end the tyranny. We The People of Australia are being locked down by State Governments and forced to wear masks, take an experimental injection and sign in to businesses against our will. This is in contravention of many laws such as the The Nuremberg Code and valid medical exemptions. All evidence will be brought to bear in due course.

In addition, these governments are advertising with our money and promoting an experimental vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. A virus that is proven to have a survival rate of above 97% – if you contract it, and if you are susceptible to it. For most healthy individuals under 70 years of age, the virus poses very minimal risk – and yet here we are, being subjected to vaccine travel restrictions, unable to work without proof of vaccination, masks still mandatory for some occupations etc.

What would have been a sensible, ethical & responsible approach?

Logic would dictate that the sensible course of action would be to isolate and protect those who are most at risk, namely; the elderly, frail and sick and those with respiratory problems. The rest of the population should not be hindered in any way from going about their normal lives. But this is of course, not about protecting the health of the citizens of the world, it is about controlling them. We are a democratic nation and will not let this tyranny go unpunished.

In further evidence of these tyrants’ need to control the public, there is much talk of a digital vaccine passport and Digital ID that they intend to make mandatory to be able to do anything. We did not vote for this. The only reason they can do it is because the governments have declared a State of Emergency. This gives them extraordinary powers. However, this is a false declaration because;

  • There is, and never was a pandemic (we will prove this beyond reasonable doubt)
  • There are alternative treatments for COVID-19 apart from the so called vaccines that are being promoted, but these are being suppressed by governments in order to line the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies and individuals who hold patents on the vaccines. This is a massive conflict of interest and the opportunity for kickbacks, coercion and bribery is both obvious and obscene.
  • Health departments and medical practitioners around the world have been compromised by the above. The medical professionals who willingly complied are cowards. They have chosen a path to either line their pockets or sit down and be quiet and just hope it all goes away. Both types have abandoned their hippocratic oath, part of which reads; “I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat;” *source

These are all criminal actions of the highest order and all who partake are committing Crimes Against Humanity. They will be brought to justice. With such despicable acts and disregard for humanity, we must also ask; what is a just punishment for such crimes? Nothing is off the table here and we must, as part of this investigation, consider what suitable punishment looks like because clearly our current laws are no deterrent to prevent such treasonous acts.

Clearly our current laws are no deterrent to prevent such treasonous acts

Next steps

To launch this class action we are seeking funds to hire a legal team of 6 including a QC, who will take this Class Action to the The High Court. We have estimated a cost of $2.5 million.

If 10% of Australia donates just $1 to this cause, we will reach our goal and launch the case. This is the only way this tyranny will end and serve to protect future generations.

If you are able and would like to help us launch this action, please donate here. Any amount helps, big or small.