April 23, 2024


If you like what we are doing and want to help, we have three ways you can donate and help this cause.

    1. Class Action – We are raising funds to mount a Class Action to end all COVID restrictions. The original campaign is here.
    2. Website  – Contribute funds to support this website and our newsletters etc.
    3. Marketing – Soon to be available for purchase on this website. Various items to wear to raise awareness and distribute at rallies etc. T-shirts, caps flags, flyers and stickers etc.

How to Donate*

We have decided the best way to reinstate our fundraising in the short term is via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to a traditional bank account, and through Cryptocurrency. These methods are listed below. While it’s a bit inconvenient to donate this way, it’s also not at the mercy of some tech billionaires and therefore, much harder for the cabal to shutdown. They could eventually shut down the bank account, but definitely not the Crypto Account.

When you make a donation, please identify where you’d like your funds to go. Class Action, Website or Marketing.

If you would like to help us, we gratefully accept your donation. Please send us an email when you make a deposit so we know who it’s from.




Crypto Account: 

Please deposit to this Bitcoin (BTC) address: bc1qp343py2p4crkdhh86y6sh6vaxvql3pv43fxgvs


* Disclaimer. With the deposit methods above, we do not have a way to track your deposit, they will be anonymous to us. If you decide to donate, you do so on the understanding that there can be no refunds.