June 16, 2024


What’s this Poll About?

We’re tired of all the disparate minor parties, groups and movements all haggling over the scraps of our freedom. There’s really good people in all of these groups, but they are not working and planning together. We MUST unite our best people and get them all pulling in the same direction to beat the massive number of criminals who have stolen our nation and who are right now as we speak, selling us out to a globalists agenda. Divided, we cannot defeat them. But if we truly UNITE, our success will be guaranteed. So this is just a tiny little poll at present. Laughable if you will. What good could it possibly do? Well, if enough people get behind this, we will unite the groups and we will win our country back. I’ve started with this tiny mad idea – now it’s up to you. Will you share it and help build the future we all so desperately want for our children?

Why only these candidates?

I’ve proposed a few stand out performers of 2020/21. It’s up to you to build on this. This is your chance to help build a new government for Australia. We think the following people would bring significant skills and we need your help to find out who would be accepted by the Australian people. At this early stage, we are not trying to suggest which positions these people will take on. We are simply asking; based on what you know of them, which of these candidates would you want on the TPA team?

To find out more about each person below, please visit The Peoples Administration page, then return here to vote.


  • Please only vote once, but feel free to share the page with everyone you know so we can really get some traction with this. If enough of you vote, then the candidates below will have little choice but to listen to the voice of the people and pull together as one.
  • To remove bias, candidates are not shown in any particular order. The order is random and refreshes every time the page loads.
  • You don’t have to vote for every candidate, just the people you want.
  • At present, this poll can’t arrange your preference in order, it just counts every choice you make as a vote for that candidate.
  • To see the results of this poll, you must submit your vote first. Results will be shown on the next page.
Candidates for The Peoples Administration
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