April 23, 2024

The Peoples Administration

Who would like to help create a new political system? The system might be called The Peoples Administration – or TPA for short.

Instead of just voting for the same old stale Party A or Party B or a handful of disparate and unorganised minor parties, here’s what we do.

Build The Team

Abandon all current political parties. Anyone who wants to help govern our country/ state/ region – puts their name up & states what they have to offer, and which role is of interest. All key leadership roles that need filling will be published in advance. The media will publish these roles for free in all major newspapers around the country.


To quote Martin Luther King, we will place more value on “the content of a persons character”, over and above any other qualification. This includes University degrees, previous high office positions, political experience or wealth. We The People need character above all else. Candidates will be elected based on;

    1. What they personally stand for.
    2. Their track record (as evidenced by their background/ body of work).
    3. Their character, ethics & belief in common sense values.
    4. Ability to do the role (based on prior evidence or immediate aptitude).
    5. Their agreement with, and unwavering commitment to upholding the Constitution and the will of the people.
    6. Finally, qualifications necessary for the role, where required. Some examples; 
      • Chief Health Officer – (CHO) only one national position, abolish State CHO’s. Must hold a medical degree and have been a practising MD for minimum 10 years, no life-long academics.
      • Chief of Defence – must have served in war zones with distinction and a career spanning 20 years. You have to know first-hand what you’re committing our troops to. 
      • Chief of Police – one national role with consistent policing across States. Must have served as a police officer for minimum 5 years and have a distinguished, unblemished record over 20 years service. No desk jockeys.
      • State Governor – No more Premiers. Must not have served in a senior government position in the last 10 years. We need to flush out the dead wood. 
      • Senior Leadership – no current senior member of the Labour or Liberal parties (active between 2019 to present day) is permitted to ever hold office again. They have been party to the abuse and many will most likely be jailed. 

Build The Australia We Want

Then we will form an administration around them. No political spin, no advertising, lobbying, coercion etc. 

The new team then works together as elected in the roles WE put them in. They are all on performance reviews on a rolling 6 month period and can be dismissed & replaced if they don’t meet expectations. For this high duty, we’ll pay them VERY WELL – because we’ll save a fortune in bad governance, waste, bureaucracy, red tape and corruption. This pay structure will be far more lucrative than what politicians currently earn. And it has to be, because we want the VERY BEST working their very best, for us. But… they don’t get to sit around and bludge for 4 years. All roles are subject to 6 monthly KPI’s, set by the people. If they fail, they’re gone. This is a tried and true tenet of smart start-up businesses whose mantra is; Fail Fast! (so that mistakes don’t continue unchecked).

It is essential for all Australians to remember, these people will not be our leaders, they will be the nominated trustees of our estate, Australia. We set out clearly what they must deliver. They in turn, form teams under them to achieve the agreed outcomes. To kick off, I’d like to see the following people come together for a discussion. Listed in alphabetical order. Caution: Big ego’s will not be tolerated in TPA. Anyone who can’t work together for the good of Australia, will not be part of it.  

Who would you choose? We’d love to hear your views. Create a free account to offer your thoughts below and lets build this team together. Or Vote for your candidate now on this page

Are We Serious?

You bet we are! If we get at least 1500 people signed up and actively wanting to support this idea, we will consider registering TPA as a political party. In the end, that will be required in order to govern in this way. 1500 is the proposed new minimum membership to qualify as a political party in Australia. This is Scott Morrison’s initiative to try to wipe out all the smaller parties before election time. So if you want this movement to get up, start here, create a free account and contribute to this article. We will then keep you updated via email. Over to you Australia!

9 thoughts on “The Peoples Administration

  1. I am on board – what are our “policies”? We need to start agreeing on and adopting our policies right? Is there a ‘voting’ system in this forum or can we make a private group where we can propose policies and vote? In my frustration, I was looking at The Australian Democrats and they have Health Policy determined by “REAL Science” – although the very definition of Science appears to be under attack in this country.

    1. Good question. They are being developed as we speak, soon to be published under a link of the same name. Our goal will be to yes, consult the experts in all fields, but common sense must prevail. EG: If we had that in place now, there’d be zero lockdowns and masks, despite the advice from our health “experts”. Thanks for your thoughts…. more soon on the policies.

  2. I think the comments you gave of all your prospective candidates, except one, are bang on the money.

    Jacqui Lambie I agree has been silenced. Alex Antic on the other hand is a great patriot and I subscribe to his newsletter.

    The one exception for me, and originally I supported him, is Riccardo Bosi. Yes indeed, he is charismatic and tough, and this is what drew me to initially apply for membership with Australia One back in October 2021. However, as the Russia-Ukraine war drags on, his unequivocal support for Putin, an ex-KGB thug and indeed, still one of Klaus Schwab’s disciples, deeply concerns me.

    Putin continues to roll out the Davos agenda in Russia with jab mandates for his Sputnik 5 jab, and the Central Banking Digital Currency agenda is well on its way to being implemented. The Substack by an American journalist based in Moscow, Riley Waggaman, is very instructive in this regard. For example https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/moscow-vs-davos-lets-ask-russian AND https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/yes-russia-is-complicit-in-the-great.

    Of course, I am not oblivious to the corruption in Ukraine. Perhaps one reason the blithering, vapid, incognisant and feckless Davos puppet Biden is giving Zelensky a blank cheque in weapons and aid, is that Zelensky may be threatening to expose the Biden family corruption in Ukraine. In any event, I have my huge 21,000 word blog article, preceded with a 26 point summary (that takes 8 minutes to read) at


    And the photo at the beginning, sums up my feelings on the Russia-Ukraine conflict to a “T”. And my follow up article relating to the thoughts of Andrei Illarionov — Putin’s economic advisor from 2000-2005 just takes 5 minutes to read. It confirms my assessment that we are being played by both sides in this war as the objective, in accordance with their Davos overlords, is to just drag this conflict on and on and on.

    Given our Ultra corrupt mainstream media, and their insistence on the villainous Putin and the heroic and virtuous Zelensky narrative, I can understand how people in freedom movements may perceive of Putin as our saviour, cutting off the head of the globalist snake in Ukraine. The truth however, is much more complex than that.

    All the best

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