June 16, 2024

Wall of Shame


Welcome to our infamous Wall of Shame. If you or your business makes it onto this page, it’s not a good thing for you. It means you’ve let down your customers and Australia. We’ll be adding a full list of businesses & individuals soon.

We’re not going to bother adding politicians here because lets face it, it would be a lot easier to name the ones that aren’t corrupt. And those few will be added to a new Wall of Fame soon.

We’ll be adding the list soon. But here’s a few to kick off.

  • SPC – Australia. The first company in Australia to mandate COVID-19 vaccine for their employees. Can’t wait for the class action on this one!
  • GoFundMe – The global fundraising behemoth run by billionaires who shut down our fundraiser on August 9, 2021 because we were getting too close to the solution with our campaign – CLASS ACTION TO END COVID ABUSE. Sorry GoFundMe, you failed. We’re raising funds here now instead. You’ll be hearing a lot more about their cowardly act here soon.
  • The Feed Shop – Gordonvale QLD. This small town shop keeper decided to ignore medical exemptions for masks and then called Police and COVID hotlines to dob in locals she saw not wearing masks. What a piece of work she is!
  • Mano’s Bar & Grill – Main Beach QLD. Decided to mandate masks, kind of. Insists you carry one with you, but you don’t have to wear it unless you come to the bar. Half half aint good enough. Either ban it or don’t.

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13 thoughts on “Wall of Shame

  1. Going to have to cut some slack for the little guys, i think. I know we are all about common sense, but they are just shit scared. SPC, GoFundMe – yeap – they are big enough and ugly enough to know better. I emailed the CEO of SPC with the NSW “health order” that stated that Employers will be responsible for any injury to an employee caused by a vaccine until their death. I told him, I have no idea what the Victorian Order said, but I expect it will be similar. He replied with a very softened tone that they respect the wishes of all their employees and are working with the employees… bullshit boilerplate to follow. I guess what I am trying to say is let’s not lower ourselves to their level – as hard as that may be.

    1. Yes… and no I think. Big guys are easy, that’s agreed. But the little guys need to know why they’re treading on thin ice. I mean to try to educate them rather than threaten them. They are part of our own communities after all. Good work there with SPC.

  2. Yes again as in the Admin reply.
    First I must say that I am a retired Automotive Engineer so lots of the garbage that is happening only affects some aspects of my private life. (I’m glad I don’t have a job at this point in time)
    As mentioned; the smaller businesses are the ones who are hurting the most and we must consider their position. I do however believe that the owners of small businesses SHOULD respect the FREEDOM OF CHOICE and Human Rights of their employees.
    The Gov ! Hmmm. Well; with it’s “on again – off again” tactics with the “Freedoms Carrot” is despicable to say the least and they just don’t appear to be anywhere near in touch with reality.
    Could I just add that I feel there is a BIG NEED for someone in the know (FULLY) to produce a small document stating ALL the required information – in layman’s terms which relate to a citizen’s ABSOLUTE RIGHTS regarding all we are being dragged through. A numbered in article in PLAIN TERMS; so that anybody can read and understand where they stand.
    Thank You for Your dedication and strength to fight for us all.
    Ray Ellis

    1. Coles in Qld has not mandated this yet. Many have left Woolworths and gone to Coles. It has happened in NSW & Vic, but they are trying not to let it be mandated in Qld.
      Add ING to this list who have sent out eMails to all their customers that bank details will now be sent to 3rd party if requested. I can’t remember the exact wording as a friend sent me a screenshot, perhaps there is an ING customer on here

  3. I can add a Mitre 10, and a very slow Victorian Human Rights response to my lodgement, along with a disgustingly ignorant and dismissive response by their management.

    I have it on good authority that (despite earlier issuing a statement saying that as a Church based organisation, it would ALWAYS respect the “individuals” right to make personal decision’s, on matters of personal Health) it will now be mandating vaccination be complete before the end of the year! Here one of the largest private sector employers in the country is going against its CORE RELIGIOUS VALUES!
    \GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE, cant say we didn’t try and warn you.

  5. Owner Ben from The Burleigh Pavilion is a piece of work, flat out discriminating. Also owns 2 other businesses
    Freddys Burleigh
    The Tropic Burleigh

  6. Hervey Bay Boat Club

    Kingfisher Resort Fraser Island

    Fraser Island barges (not to be confused with Manta Ray Barges who have declared they’re pro choice)

  7. Sunshine Coast Council also belongs on the Wall of Shame. Only two current councillors (Joe Natoli and Winston Johnston), have voted not to support vax mandates on the Coast after December 17. Joe Natoli (in particular) is out there on his own, publicly defending personal freedom.

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