June 16, 2024


  1. On the street and in all the places where people gather, we need to be their truth informer. Lose your fear, be brave and Go.

  2. Lose the fear of dying at the hands of mankind and ONLY fear God, the creator of EVERYTHING. We will all die. Remember that your fear will be gone when you’re dead, so why not lose the fear before death. It is possible is it not?

    1. Not everyone believes in God and there’s not enough space here to go into who’s right and who’s wrong. But… everyone knows we all have to go sometime. No one can argue that. The question then becomes; if we’re wrong (about God); WE have nothing to lose. But if they’re wrong; THEY have everything to lose. The New World Order globalists love atheists because they have no higher, wiser power to guide them and give them strength. They believe there’s nothing smarter than man/ science, so when these two fall horribly short (which is often), no wonder they panic. Thanks for joining the conversation.

      1. Well answered, Admin… It will be too late when those who depend upon men and “science” realise that they have been sold into slavery by an elite group of greedy individuals who think they are superior to the rest of mankind. Every one of us needs to make a stand now, or else the future is pretty dismal. Communism failed Europe. It has failed the Chinese people. It does not bring equality. It does not eliminate inequality. It will only entrench the power of the ultra-rich and ultra-corrupt.

      2. Hmmm… I was with you until you started on “NWO globalists love atheists because they have no higher, wiser power to guide them and give them strength”. Careful with the labels and generalities.

        I consider labels have no value, as they assume their definitions apply to everyone that’s labeled as such. Just as those jabbed aren’t all pro vax, or those unjabbed are anti vax, so too, and just as not all Christians behave as Christ did, Muslims as their prophet Mohamed, etc. not all atheists believe the hype of the scientists. And that’s me. I know many who are much the same.

        One of my sisters and my brother have their entire lives accepted scientific evidence above any other evidence, yet they have blindly and 100% accepted all that’s been reported by the pollies and MSM about the plandemic.

        I believe in logic. I also believe we are all spiritual beings. You have a need for a god in your life, fine. Some of us don’t and that’s fine too.

        Your list above demonstrated logic, things that make sense. You don’t need to believe in a god for that. And that’s logical.

        If there were to be a god, logic tells me that she or he would not instill fear (i.e. be god-fearing) or be angry with those who choose to defile the human race at this time, nor would she or he have any less love for you, me or even those who are part of the cabal. And lastly, god would not seek revenge, nor would he or she seek to punish, or to judge, no matter the crime. All these are manmade attributes to control the people, including our children… the very very thing we’re supposedly protesting against.

        There is nothing spiritual about those qualities I’ve mentioned above, nor are they attributes of any loving god.

        All this to me are also logical.

        If there’s anything god would want of us, if she or he were to exist, it would be for us to demonstrate in our lives and project to the world, all that is lacking in those of the cabal – empathy, kindness, clarity, selflessness, compassion, assertiveness, transparency, inclusivity, love.

        Are we filled with these? I sure am not. Think of Mary Magdalene as she was about to be stoned. Are you the ones who will cast the first stone? I won’t be.

        This is all about spirituality – the very thing the world is empty of – which has nothing to do with gods or demons or anything of that nature. Believe in a god, absolutely, but never assume someone who doesn’t needs to be labeled as any less a person.

        Let’s stop with the labels. We’re all equal in the eyes of your God, whoever’s God. Let’s start seeing everyone the same and the world will instantly start becoming a much better place for all of us.

        End rant. Have a terrific day. Am loving the posts on this site.

        1. Thank you for your very detailed and considered reply. Perhaps I did make too much of a blanket statement. It wasn’t meant to say there are no good atheists. To expand further, my view is that there is a limit to the knowledge of humankind. That surely cannot be argued. That limit leaves a void, and it’s a gigantic void, considering all that we do not know about the universe etc. Where there is a void, it is guaranteed that people with evil intent will swoop in to fill it. This is true for religion too. Obviously the religions of the past took it to extremes and burnt people with differing opinions at the stake. But the void-filling still goes on today unabated. Man will twist, pervert and corrupt everything to control money and people. And voids (fear of unknown) are a perfect tool for that. So where mans knowledge ends, that’s where the good stuff starts in my opinion.

          The problem I see for atheists is that they think we just don’t have the answer yet, but we will one day. I would hazard to guess that we know 0.0000000001% of what there is to know. That kind of gap, we can never catch up. Not with human brains and certainly not with AI. If you agree with the above, then there is obviously an elephant in the room. My take is, there has to be an all knowing entity (call it what you will) that has created this. I don’t believe in any religion, but I do believe in a supremely powerful and knowledgable entity (or entities) that are far beyond our reach. Much like the computer programmer is not to be found anywhere inside the brilliant code he or she created. Search as you might, you will never find them there. Yet he/she does exist.

          Peace to all.

  3. We need not think we are the only generation that has not had to defend our freedom from the cabal. If we don’t stand, we (and our children), will be enslaved. This is the hill we die on. #holdtheline

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