April 23, 2024


  1. I must say I really enjoy your writing. I am from the USA, These are some really good points you have here. 1st off: ‘a glove mandate’, that is so true! I personally wore surgical gloves when this whole thing started here in Florida, I was under the assumption in my own worst case scenario ‘Virgo’ intelligent / overly paranoid crazy mind that we (The USA) got hit with a Bio-Weapon attack from China.

    2nd: I never knew that I about the Jew Badges, that is so creepy to compare to the mask, but I clearly see it so…

    3rd: Don’t play their game, play your game, so true, I was drinking way to much and started behaving badly and telling people what to do, so I had to sober up and think about stuff, I have lost the fear of death but I am alive, kind of hard to explain, I am ready to fight to the death if needed and die a warrior so to say, only hard part is their is no one to fight? This was is all in the mind and electronically driven. Funny, if no one was into computers and smart phone all of this could of never existed. Man I miss the 90’s for sure! 56k dial up was a blessing I now see considering you could not pump massive propaganda via AOL the way it is done these days. Sad but true, only technology has enabled all of this to happen.

    1. Thanks Ed. I hear ya regarding the 1990’s. Those were the days. There is evidence that COVID-19 was conceived way back at the end of the 90’s (yes to any newbies reading this, it’s man-made, try to catch up). No coincidence that’s when the DotCom Boom was just about to hit and technology was taking off. You’re absolutely right. No way they could have done this scam until technology caught up. Cheers.

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